rabbitfire proudly presents:
|| showreel 2019 ||

As media production you all day long produces media for various clients.
Image Movies, animations, Social media campaigns and and and…
But when you take the time ever, to explain his own company in moving pictures?
We have taken and all current productions packed in a 2-minute video.
Have fun watching!!
[yt4wp-video video_id=”4TOplqLY5zo”]
camera and cut: rabbitfire media creation
director: Lee Esposito
music: earmotion

tel: +49 911 25357951
email: mail@rabbitfire.de

rabbitfire got support

Jason Claussen since January 2018 permanent member of the rabbit fire team.
His training as a media designer picture and sound was the end 2017 approved by the Chamber of Commerce.
Now record book is written and diligently documented, which accumulates knowledge and experience every week .
This is his first shooting for Panalpina in Cologne and Luxembourg:

The former law student brings a lot of prior knowledge.
since 3 Years he takes care of the online presence and the moving image of the Christian Center Amberg.

rabbit fire wishes Jason an exciting, creative and inspiring training period! 

to achieve with rabbit fire is Jason now under:
+49 911 89282633

Laura Chaplin || Ambassador for Cotton made in Africa

The granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin

Laura Chaplin, the granddaughter of the famous actor Charlie Chaplin, sits now as an ambassador for the Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) initiative. Sustainable cotton initiative for better living conditions of hundreds of thousands of smallholder families in Africa makes while ensuring a sustainable raw material base for the Fashion Industry.

 rabbitfire media creation has the extraordinary artist in Switzerland, visited on Lake Geneva.

 A few impressions of the rotation:

Laura Chaplin grew up as a granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin sheltered upbringing in the grounds of the world famous actor in the field of artists and celebrities. Instead of those conditions to be regarded as a matter of course, battling it out for more attention to the concerns of people, that could grow up in a less privileged world. In your role as an ambassador of Cotton made in Africa she stands up for African small farmers and their families. Cotton made in Africa and Laura Chaplin connects the target, to create good and sustainable future for people all over the world. This led to the idea of ​​a common collection, the concerns of this is to give more attention.

Here is the portrait of Laura Chaplin:


camera and cut: rabbitfire media creation
director: Lee Esposito
production: Cotton made in Africa
talent: Laura Chaplin
music: earmotion