OTTO and Bergwaldprojekt E.V. – Reviving Moore on Ruegen

So beautiful is Rügen!

OTTO I could turn this year on Rügen.
Together with the Bergwaldprojekt Moore are there renaturiert.
Speak: you build, per Hand, Dams drained moorland and bog thus fills up again.
Real hard work, but at least you can see even the great chalk cliffs on Rügen!!

Jasmund National Park, Rügen

Moore play a significant role in climate and environment.
They are gigantic carbon reservoir and an important habitat for rare animals- and plant species.
By moorland rewetting on defects can in the next 50 years 6.000 Tonnes of CO2.

Here the film: 

[yt4wp-video video_id=”R15Ua9zgwqw”]

camera and cut: rabbitfire media creation
director: Lee Esposito
production: OTTO GmbH & Co KG

More on climate change, there is on the home page of OTTO: