Herrsching pharmacies

Herrsching pharmacies

Herrsching pharmacies – Image movie

Home office in a pharmacy? More time for the customer and less time looking for medication?

We were allowed three days in the sea- and film Nikolaus-Apotheke in Herrsching am Ammersee. These two pharmacies are not only technically super modern, but are also pioneers with their working time models. Mothers can work part-time, Employees can take on tasks from the home office and the atmosphere in the pharmacy is very familiar.

But customers also experience a high level of luxury. The pharmacist can look after the customer longer and does not have to search for the right medication in pharmacy cabinets for long, a robot automatically fetches the medication from the basement warehouse. However, if the customer does not want to come to the pharmacy at all, he can easily find the product online, Order via app or phone and it will be delivered directly to your home by your own drivers. Isn't that great? We were thrilled and really enjoyed shooting. Check out the finished film, and when you are in Herrsching, makes a detour to these two pharmacies.

camera and cut: rabbitfire media creation
director: Lee Esposito
production: elements gmbh
music: earmotion.com
pharmacies: Herrsching am Ammersee Pharmacies