The virtual school lesson

The virtual school lesson

The next virtual lesson is finished!

rabbit fire is want to love all the dedicated teachers that despite the crisis reach their students with great prepared topics!!

This time, the English- and geography teacher Mr. Horn, the Gymnasium Oberasbach, married before the camera. He explains, for all ages, the path of banana to us.

The virtual school lesson – geography – The path of the banana

The action “The virtual school lesson” next week continues to run. Interested teachers * inside from Franconia please register at:
Our studio is located in Lind / Zirndorf near Nuremberg.

we hope can help a little bit!!
Stay healthy!

The first virtual lesson is finished!

The virtual lesson creates a little bit of connection between students and teachers during the period of school closure.

In this episode:
Primary school teacher Volker Berdich reads:

“Take a rest, Pepper!” from Nicholas Oldland

The virtual school lesson – Read out – Take a rest, Pepper!

The project: “The virtual school lesson”

As a father of a daughter in the 5. Class high school, I am directly affected by the school closure. As the owner of a media production, I would like to make the Frankish teachers * inside an offer:
The next 2 Week presents rabbit fire media creation ( his studio for the recording of virtual classes available.

Each Frankish teacher with a PowerPoint, a book or other educational material, can contact us for a free hour.

We take the hour 2 cameras on, Cutting the PowerPoint, o.ä. pure and export a finished video.
The virtual hours can then be included on the school's website or distributed via a YouTube channel.