On-location production with multi-camera live editing

Are hardly “the Bulle von Tölz”, “Ottis slaughterhouse” and “Pastor Brown” set,
is already at the next TV project of the cabaret artist Ottfried Fischer.
Starting in the fall, he will lead once a month a battle of words – despite his Parkinson's disease.

Artist: Took Fischer
Location: Slaughterhouse Munich
Director / Production:
Live section / Editing:


The Show must go on. This is obviously true for the “Rampensau” Ottfried Fischer, as he calls himself. In an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” explains born in Bavaria in Ornatsöd actor and comedian, why after the end of the popular TV series “the Bulle von Tölz” and “Pastor Brown” and his cabaret show “Ottis slaughterhouse” file now pending a new TV project.
“The life of a scandal: Stories from my time” – Here you can order the biography of Ottfried Fischer
The 30-minute format “Ottis Aquarium” is from 18. October once a month during “Heimatkanal”, der via Pay-TV-Sender “Sky” be received, be seen. In the show, he will deliver two guests a heated discussion on current and philosophical topics.
Why is he in spite of its 2008 become known Parkinson's disease is not retires, Fischer explains in the interview as: “Some people do not want to retire, because they do their job very much, I am one of them.” The Offer, again “to be able to comment on the situation in this country and our human existence”, was too tempting, is the long-standing dial to Munich. “Finally, I can bicker publicly alive again.”
Were set that all his shipments, Fischer had once commented with these words: “Television withdraws from me.” Discriminated against but he did not feel, this should be done at odds with his illness, what he had never done. Pondering should be avoided “like the plague”, he explains the “SZ”.
But not only his attitude toward chronic disease seems to motivate the artist, and the positive feedback from the many fan apparently supported him very: “I have found, that people like the look,, if someone bypasses halfway bravely with his suffering, it is not possible to go.” His fellow sufferer Muhammad Ali have kept the same way,.
Despite everything, finds Fischer, that television him “at least from time to time give a day of shooting” could. “For large main roles, the force is no longer enough, a sedentary episode role but I could play loose”, concretized the former TV star his desire.
(Text: Evening paper // Süddeutsche Zeitung)