Weilheim || Image movie

Weilheim || Image movie

Weilheim – the lovely city in Upper Bavaria // Image movie

A declaration of love to Weilheim
Hollywood in Weilheim, the Municipal Theatre as Filmpalast. Even a red carpet was rolled, as the city for the premiere of her new film Image "Weilheim - the lovable town in Upper Bavaria" had invited. Although about this carpet stöckelten no movie star in steep Louboutins, but the city theater came this evening many, who in Weilheim rank and name - entrepreneurs, Local politicians and clergy, and of course the filmmakers and many of the contributors. And Contributors there in this movie truly many, but it is to see hardly any of the "usual suspects". For Weilheim advertise normal Weilheimer. Good humored cool young people rave about the Disco Golf- and the skate park, a taxi driver praises during a night drive through the city, the bar scene: "Who in Weilheim finds nothing, found nowhere what. "

The requirements were: "The image film is intended to provide primarily non-local individuals and businesses a sympathetic first impression of the city Weilheim while wanting more", it was said by the principal, the city. That they have been implemented, were careful 3. Mayor Angelika Flock as a project manager from the City and Location conveyor Stefan Frenzel.

the strip was created by the company elements gmbh (Weilheim/Seeshaupt) and the rabbitfire media creation (Munich / Zirndorf). Mayor Markus Loth thanked all contributors, the Weilheimer companies and institutions, was filmed in which, and Carolin Erat, which the film crew opened many doors.
Those: Brigitte Gretschmann (Münchner Merkur)

Here the film:


camera and cut: rabbitfire media creation
director: Lee Esposito
production: elements gmbh || Carolin and Markus Erat
music: earmotion.com
City: Weilheim in Oberbayern